Using the Internet for Fraud Examinations

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Nov 13, 2017 - 2:40pm3:55pm

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The overwhelming amount of information retrievable from the Internet, in support of your investigations, has been burdensome for years. Then social media grew and either you absorbed information overload, or got bloated by it. With time short, budgets tight and a need to find good reliable information, this session will examine the best of sources of information for fraud examinations. A sure list of tried relateable services will be demonstrated as they apply to our caseloads. In addition, best practices for conducting these searches in as a discreet manner as possible, so as to avoid confrontation on the Internet, or alarm your subject of your investigation.

  • Use Key resources, both free and fee based
  • Search the Internet, including surface and open source results
  • Conduct discreet investigating skills to maintain anonymity

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