How to Automate your Workflow and Data Analytics

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Nov 15, 2017 - 7:00am7:50am

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Forensic accountants state that they are spending too much time and effort on gathering sufficient and useful data from various financial documents in their investigations. Evidentiary data collecting for court cases often require long hours and meticulous manual data entry work that involve large sets of data, numerous accounts and fast movements of money. Forensic accountants will discover the latest technology in workflow automation and data analytics for audit engagements, assessments, and financial fraud investigations. The latest power-tool in advance character recognition, ScanWriter, handles cases and delivers smart data with high volumes of bank transactions, such as, money laundering, tax fraud, and white-collar crime. Forensic accountants will learn how to present evidence of actionable information to the court with a paperless audit trail automatically. The audit trail allows forensic accountants to review and provide the source electronic evidence with each suspicious transaction.

  • Improve your data acquisition effectiveness and streamline your document workflow
  • Obtain quality data instead of raw data - Perform data analytics on the usable intelligent information with confidence
  • Focus on the money flow instead of technics
  • Be able to integrate document management solutions to enhance your organization’s audit trail
  • Be able to identify and track actionable information


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