Embracing Diversity & Enhancing Inclusion, a panel discussion

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Nov 14, 2017 - 1:40pm2:55pm

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Diversity and Inclusion is not just a topic for the casts of Hamilton and Spiderman 3! It’s about bridging divides in gender, ethnic, generational and even how we think. What can we do to improve D&I within ourselves and by extension our firms? Join this panel discussion session to understand the challenges involved with efforts to create a diverse and inclusive culture in your firm. Our four dynamic professionals each have varied career paths and positions in public accounting, law enforcement, and industry. They will provide their candid responses to your questions and share their views and experiences with corporate diversity and what it means to be inclusive.

  • Understand challenges based on gender, age, and ethnic backgrounds
  • Determine concept of unconscious bias
  • Learn ways different firms incorporate diversity and inclusion

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