Working with Tangible Asset Appraisers on PPA and BV Engagements

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Nov 15, 2017 - 8:00am8:50am

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Purchase Price Allocations often require the valuation of tangible assets, such as real property and equipment used in the business. Similarly, business valuations of manufacturing, construction, or transportation companies also require valuations of personal property. Most often, Book Value is not appropriate for this engagement. The session will provide insight on how best to work with a tangible asset appraiser to insure an efficient and accurate Fair Value or Fair Market Value of the tangible property to allow you to complete your Intangible Asset or Business Entity valuation.

  • How to choose the best qualified firm or appraiser to provide tangible asset valuations (Fair Value and Fair Market Value)
  • Understand what type of relationship should the BV analyst have with the tangible asset value provider
  • How to insure the client and auditors are included in the process for the most efficient communication and review

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