Session Tracks

An opportunity to learn and apply forensic accounting concepts, methodologies and tools in case-simulation sessions. Types of case studies profiled includes white collar criminal, forensic techniques with non-financial data, fraud schemes, accountants as referees and receivers. Other sessions will focus on specific elements such as cognitive dissonance and segregating financial from legal opinions in expert testimony -as they apply to many types of cases
Learn the fundamentals of business valuation by following an integrated case study, with specific sessions on financial analysis, cost of capital, and income and market approaches to valuation. (To get the full benefit of this track, it is recommended that participants attend the entire track)
Strategies and best practices for tackling a specific forensic accounting issue; ideal for practitioners in public practice or business and industry.
Insights and strategies into engagements’ technical aspects, suitable for practitioners of all experience levels.
Focused on the financial implications of family law matters and providing the technical know-how to competently deal with these issues. Sessions will cover broad aspects of mediation as well as specific types of family law including high net worth divorce, taxation issues in divorce, collaborative law settings, as well as candid discussions about avoiding certain pitfalls.
All sessions in this track are geared toward litigation and expert testimony. Sessions cover the gambit from civil and criminal litigation settings, views on expert witnesses from attorneys and judges, as well as specific areas such as corporate divorce, class action, intellectual property, bankruptcy, demonstrative exhibits, testimony tips and traps, and others. On the last day of the conference we’ll offer back-to-back sessions for a Mock Trial. Two experts, two attorneys and a judge will simulate opposing financial expert’s testimony in a damages case where the audience will participate as the jury.
These sessions will provide a comprehensive understanding of the critical issues, evolving standards and guidelines and other risk factors that affect fair value measurement and reporting.
Topics in this track cover a broad range of topics not included in other tracks. Explore marketing, social media, transition planning, ethical dilemmas and more in this broad track.