11. Big Data: The Untapped Opportunity In Litigation (Repeated in Session 27)

Emerging Technology
Field of Study: 
CPE Credit: 
Knowledge Level: 
Basic knowledge of, or general experience in, forensic accounting, business valuation, or litigation

Monday, November 5, 2018

Session covers the increasingly massive amounts of data and other information ("big data") available in litigation. This presentation will cover tools and experiences on working with big data. The presenters will discuss several case examples involving big data to demonstrate the following learning objectives.
After this session the attendee will be able to:
1) Compare and differentiate tools/programs used to analyze big data sets, including SQL, SAS, Access and Excel.
2) Apply big data skills to help support your client's liability position.
3) Analyze the linkage between liability and economics damages using big data.
4) Identify and obtain the right data for your economic damages calculation.