24 What FVS professionals need to know about Succession Planning

Field of Study: 
Business Management & Organization
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Knowledge Level: 
Basic knowledge of, or general experience in, forensic accounting, business valuation, or litigation

Monday, November 5, 2018

This session will discuss why it's important to take initiative and be prepared. FVS is a fast growing field, but has big retirements and succession risks lurking! What can you do to prepare yourself if you are one that is exiting and one that is continuing on? This session will help map out key considerations.
o Identify and align motivations of an exiting party and their successor in interest.
o Determine and execute effective communication strategies around market partners (attorneys, etc.)
o Differentiate succession risks and strategies between big firms vs. small firms.
o Explain and adhere to best practices for ensuring transparency through the succession process.