FVC1937. How to Groom and Mentor your Future FLVS Leaders of the Future - Dual Perspectives

Area of Expertise: 
The Self Starter
The Experienced Pro
The Trusted Leader
Field of Study: 
Business Management & Organization
CPE Credit: 
Knowledge Level: 
Advanced Preparation: 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

This session is for all levels, geared towards narrowing the gap between seasoned practitioners and the NexGen leaders of our professional industry. Real life examples and techniques will be discussed on how to train, motivate and retain team members from staff to management-level FVS professionals. The session will help seasoned practitioners to understand and become aware of the challenges in grooming and retaining [young] professionals. Staff turnover hurts an organization in the long run. How to train your staff so they can leave but manage them so they don't want to is the goal. People are a firm's #1 resource.
Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify issues encountered with motivating and retaining qualified leaders for the future;
  2. Recognize the techniques that can be used to provide transparency for future; and
  3. Develop action plans to improve employee morale, loyalty and professional development.