Amanda Miller

Executive Director, Ernst & Young, LLP

Amanda Miller, Ph.D., serves as co-chair of the AICPA PE/VC task force, and also served as EY's representative to the AICPA "Cheap Stock" task force for the guide that was published in 2013. In addition, she is EY's National Valuation Financial Reporting Solutions Leader, creating processes to seamlessly integrate valuation to meet our client’s financial reporting requirements. Her projects focus on assisting clients in understanding fair value issues, and on valuing complex securities such as options, warrants, preferred & common stock, performance awards, convertible notes, debt and related embedded derivatives, loan portfolios and contingent considerations. She holds a Ph.D. and dual masters' degrees from Stanford University, and dual bachelors' degrees from the California Institute of Technology.


Background and key provisions of the working draft of the AICPA Accounting and Valuation Guide: Valuation of Portfolio Company Investments. Expected impact on current practice.

Learning More

Example concepts from case studies outlined in the working draft of the PE/VC Valuation Guide

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how to apply judgment in determining fair value and More