Brett Harrison

Managing Director, FTI Consulting, Inc.

Brett Harrison is a Managing Director in FTI’s Washington DC Technology Segment.
He has over 25 years of experience assisting clients with Technology related aspects
of investigations and he has testified 20+ times in support of both civil and criminal
Mr. Harrison’s clients include major companies within the areas of healthcare,
mining, manufacturing, finance and other industries. His practice often focuses on
leading complex electronic discovery efforts and conducting in-depth forensic
examinations of computers. He regularly assists clients through all phases of
investigations; helping them to understand their options when responding to
government subpoenas and requests from opposing parties. He also assists his
clients to attack the methods and procedures used by opposing experts. Mr.
Harrison has testified in support of civil spoliation motions as well as on topics such
as proper E-discovery procedures and the adequacy of efforts undertaken by
opposing parties.
Mr. Harrison is often personally requested to conduct in-depth forensic examinations
of computers used by key persons of interest and to provide expert courtroom
testimony to support his findings. In addition to his client based responsibilities, Mr.
Harrison is also responsible for developing and maintaining the architecture and
workflow of FTI’s centralized, computer forensic examination and extraction
environment. This computer environment provides FTI’s Consultants with the ability
to process and filter data remotely; thereby greatly improving their efficiency and
improving their work-life balance.
Prior to joining FTI, Mr. Harrison was employed by the Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI) at their Headquarter locations in Virginia and Maryland. During
much of his fifteen year FBI career he worked as an FBI Headquarters Supervisor on
computer forensic related programs and projects. He led many high profile
networking and forensic tool development projects. He also worked on hundreds of
cases as a Forensic Examiner of computers and of other devices such as bomb
detonators and Personal Digital Assistants. He assisted in the drafting of portions of
the FBI’s Standard Operating Procedures related to the forensic processing of